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Connectivity At The Speed of Light!

SpringNet has finished a major fiber network expansion, providing fiber access to Springfield area businesses as well as residential neighborhoods. This significant fiber build out provides more choices for high-speed broadband access. Learn more about the network expansion.

SpringNet is pleased to have Brightspeed and Total Highspeed as service providers delivering high-speed broadband access to the Springfield metropolitan area.

Residential Plans    Business Plans

Your business is the most important aspect of Springfield, Missouri’s economy. Without you, there wouldn’t be any jobs, money or prosperity in our piece of the Ozarks.

SpringNet is passionate about our community, and we strive to provide area businesses with the fastest and most reliable fiber broadband service available. We are Springfield. We are SpringNet.


Simply put… we deliver. Our team is constructed of extraordinary Professional Engineers, Network Operations Staff, Certified Network Engineers and Business Managers.  Construction teams start early every day to ensure that we deliver on-time installations and exceed your expectations.

SpringNet doesn’t merely throw our services together to just “make it work”. We focus on reliability, capacity and sustainability. Our Gigbit fiber services go beyond “just working”. We ensure that they are built to make a difference.

Local.  Reliable.  Dedicated.

With speeds over 100 times faster than average broadband, SpringNet is leading the way towards providing Springfield with the fastest and most reliable fiber broadband connectivity possible.

Whether your business needs 1 Gigabit or 100 Gigabit, SpringNet can serve you. With over 50 switching nodes, our network provides the community with an ultra-fast backbone to the world around us.

Looking for your business to have a market advantage? Look no further than SpringNet.

Our Services

SpringNet offers Ethernet and IP broadband services over its fiber optic network to area businesses.

With over 3,000 miles of fiber today throughout the Springfield metropolitan area, SpringNet can be your local provider of Gigabit speed. This extensive fiber optic network permits the delivery of data services to the doorstep of almost every business in Springfield and surrounding areas.

Small Business Programs

The Small Business Program, starting as low as $169/mo, provides symmetrical one Gigabit fiber and never limits the rate at which you communicate – meaning it never slows down.

Small Business


SpringNet’s Internet service is designed to “burst” to the customers’ demand at the time needed the most.


SpringNet’s business-to-business Layer 2 Ethernet service provides simplified connectivity to multiple locations over one seamless network.

Small Cell Antenna Attachment

We can assist both large and small customers with the ability to locate wireless devices on most any of SpringNet’s 61,000 utility-owned poles.


Would you like to know more about how SpringNet can help your business?  Contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.