Best Small Business Deals

Gigabit Basic
1 TB of transfer per month
Gigabit Elite
2 TB of transfer per month
Gigabit Premium
3 TB of transfer per month

Local.  Reliable.  Gigabit Internet.

Small Business Programs

If you’re ready for your business to move at Gigabit speeds, then look no further than SpringNet.  With our new Small Business Program you can now connect to the world at ultra-fast speeds.  

The Small Business Program provides symmetrical one Gigabit fiber and never limits the rate at which you communicate – meaning it never slows down.  Plus, we have a local team dedicated to help you achieve your business goals that’s never more than a phone call away.

Additional Information
  • Mid-Month Upgrade: An additional 500 GB of transfer – $79 one-time charge.
  • All contracts come with a minimum 36-month contract term, include an installation charge of $299, and are subject to service availability.  Pricing and terms subject to change.


SpringNet is here to help your business grow. We are happy to answer questions and discuss your options. Contact us at (417) 575-7000 or send us a message online.