Enterprise Business Services

SpringNet offers ethernet and IP broadband services over its 100% utility-owned fiber optic network. Today, this network is represented by over 3,000 route miles of fiber interconnective over 50 cross-meshed switching nodes. This extensive fiber network permits the delivery of data services to the doorstep of almost every business in Springfield and the surrounding areas. Chances are this service is available for your business!

SpringNet’s Enterprise Solutions offer a 100% locally supported network catered to the growing small business or the existing large business. Speeds of 1 gbps, 10 gbps, and up to 100 gbps are available.


SpringNet’s Internet service is designed to “burst” to the customers’ demand at the time needed the most. This unique “bursting” capability allows customers to utilize their full symmetrical 1gbps or 10 gbps interface speed.  Service level agreements of 100% uptime are included at no additional cost. SpringNet’s NetLink service utilizes multiple tier-1 carriers over physically diverse paths to ensure reliability. Contact us today for your customized solution.


SpringNet’s business-to-business Layer 2 Ethernet service provides simplified connectivity to multiple locations over one seamless network. LanLink provides businesses bandwidth speeds and a level of security that is typically only available on a company’s internal network. SpringNet has interconnection agreements with traditional carriers and fiber utilities to facilitate business-to-business connectivity virtually anywhere. LanLink bandwidth speeds vary between 1 Gbps through 100 Gbps.

Small Cell Antenna Attachment

Whether you are a wireless ISP looking to expand your market or represent a cellular communications provider looking for additional coverage, SpringNet makes it simple with Small Cell Antenna Attachment.

SpringNet has assisted large and small customers with the ability to locate wireless devices on most any of SpringNet’s 61,000 utility-owned poles. This broad accessibility and above ground heights between 30 and 600 feet allows businesses to reach new customers in remote areas around Springfield with high speed services.


SpringNet is here to help your business grow. We are happy to answer questions and discuss your options. Contact us at (417) 575-7000 or send us a message online